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Employee Spotlight: From Sales Development Rep to Account Executive

This week we sat down with Karen in Sales to learn more about her and her career development here at Kisi.

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Updated on April 08, 2024

Written by Christina Sophie Schmid

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Karen Taborda, Account Executive at Kisi
Karen Taborda, Account Executive at Kisi

Our Employee Spotlight Series focuses on the people that make working at Kisi so fun! This week we sat down with Karen in Sales, based in New York, to learn more about her and her career development here at Kisi.

How did you first learn about Kisi?

I learned about Kisi through AngelList. I wanted to work for a company with an innovative product and long term vision.

What were you doing before you joined Kisi?

Prior to Kisi, I was working as an assistant Account Executive for an insurance company.

So then you started off as a Sales Development Representative and now you’re an Account Executive at Kisi. How was the experience and how has Kisi helped you in your career development?

The key here is hard work and the ability to take feedback. I have learned so much from the founders Max and Bernhard and have taken their advice very seriously. Being with the company for a long time has its advantages and upward mobility is definitely one of them.

What drew you to Kisi originally? And how has Kisi changed since?

I was drawn to the company, because I thought it was an innovative product and I wanted to sell something I could be proud of. I now see Kisi as more than just one product and as a real player within the security world. It’s been exciting to watch the company grow in every aspect and I firmly believe Kisi has the potential of becoming an enterprise company!

What do you love most about Kisi?

I love our product and my colleagues! The company culture is great. We are a small, tight-knit team and we have awesome events such as an annual Kisi Kamp with the whole team and weekly team lunches. We always look for new restaurants to try out.

What advice do you have for prospective candidates, looking to get into tech sales?

Focus on value and try to understand the prospect’s pain points. And also be prepared for the unexpected and be willing to take rejection in order to succeed.

And your proudest moment at Kisi?

Reaching 150% of my goal as well as closing my first enterprise client.

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