Event Export Logs With Kisi

By Ashley Davis
February 21, 2020
Event Export Logs With Kisi

For every business there comes a time when it is necessary to perform a security and safety audit. If the IT team is doing its job correctly, this will involve a comprehensive review and investigation of any weaknesses or oversights in the current access control system. For a traditional legacy system where there is little connection between security cameras, access control, and the servers that enable them, audits are normally lengthy and messy processes that require tedious cross-referencing and hours of manual labor. 

With the power of cloud technology and intuitive hardware, Kisi simplifies security audits with just one robust feature: Event Export Logs and Tracking capabilities. Here we explore how this feature saves time and money for IT teams and administrators and provides an easily accessible and reliable record of every unlock event.

How to Review Unlock Events with Kisi

To quickly review unlock events, administrators can access their event logs in just two simple steps from their Kisi dashboard, from a desktop or mobile phone. Step 1: Go to “Settings” in the Kisi app or from a desktop. Step 2: Navigate to Events. The dashboard will show the last 100 events (both locks and unlocks) to take place at that particular door. 

But of course, 100 events is not so much information in the context of a busy office or place where people are constantly going in and out. Perhaps someone on your IT team was notified that the office was unlocked on a weekend when the place is usually empty. A few days later there may have been several hundred or even thousands of unlocks depending on how busy the location is. Luckily Kisi has an easy solution for this.

Event filters in the Kisi dashboard: learn more about our event export feature here.

To go farther back in the access point’s event history, administrators can export the last 10,000 with the Request Export button. This will download the events in a .csv file that can be easily sorted and filtered by your trained staff or managers. 

Every entry in the event logs come with a timestamp and the user who performed the unlock/lock. Kisi’s export logs can also include when an administrator shares access with new users.


Forced Open Door Alerts

The beauty of IP access control lies in the flexibility gained through the sensors and advanced software that make things easier on the security team. Along with event export logs, Kisi reporting includes alerts when the door or access point has been forced open. This is specifically for locations that have a contact sensor installed (on windows, doors and even safes for example). In the Kisi app, this will appear as a push notification for administrators.

Door forced open

‍To learn more about exporting event logs and how to set up notifications for unlock events, follow the step-by-step tutorial in this article.

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