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Meet Faith Allen, Account Executive at Kisi

Faith Allen is Account Executive at Kisi. She's responsible for the US Northeastern region from Maine to Washington, DC, Latin America, and Africa.

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Faith Allen employee spotlight

Updated on April 08, 2024

Written by Vera Eftimovska

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Name: Faith Allen

Department: Sales

Title: Account Executive

Location: Florida

Describe your role at Kisi and what a typical day looks like for you:

At Kisi, I am the Account Executive for the Northeastern region of the U.S. from Maine to Washington, D.C., Latin America, and Africa. Typically, I will wake up in the morning and try to get a walk in before the day starts. I tackle my inbox and pipeline first thing and as the day goes on, I hop on client calls to discuss projects and plans with clients from gyms to large corporate office spaces.

As a team, we meet internally often throughout the week to discuss strategies and our upcoming projects, as well as updates and changes to our technology. During these times, we engage in collaborative roundtable discussions to iron out new solutions for our clients with the expertise of each member of the team.

How has your role developed from when you first started at Kisi?

I started at Kisi almost a year ago–Wow, time flies! When my Kisi journey started, I was a Sales Development Representative. After about 8 months working the early stages of the sales process as an SDR, I was promoted to the AE role. Now, I manage the full sales cycle, collaborate with resellers to get Kisi installed all over the United States and internationally, and help clients expand their Kisi systems to new spaces.

Alongside my role development, I have gained a far deeper and more integrative understanding of our product, as well as the solutions we can provide clients with all different types of security needs. I have been able to learn from both my peers and our clients new strategies to streamline business processes from membership management to on/offboarding employees.

What has been your favorite sale so far?

Individual sales can be tremendously rewarding and working with clients is by far my favorite part of my role here at Kisi, but my favorite sale cannot be limited to just one.

My favorite part of my sales role is helping our resellers grow their client network through our product. When a company comes to us wanting a new access control solution, we lean on our reseller partners to be the boots on the ground. They consult the client in-person, complete the installation process, and provide post-sale support.

It is so rewarding to work with an end-customer (especially a new or well-known logo) and then be able to pass on the deal to one of our trusted partners. From there, they grow their success and we do too–together!

How does the sales team at Kisi prioritize growth and learning?

Kisi prioritizes growth and learning through weekly collaborative sessions with our product team, technology team, and co-founders, as well as accessible materials.

We have a culture of learning from one another and our clients, as well. All of our team members have an “open-phone” policy and are ready to help at any given moment. Often times, we learn the most about where we should go with Kisi from our reseller network and end clients. They really help us to grow and learn as a company!

What aspect of Kisi’s culture keeps you at the company?

Kisi’s focus on being human and forward-thinking keeps me at the company and working everyday to serve clients the best that I can. As I mentioned before, every member of the Kisi team is more than willing to give help, as well as their time, to the other members of the organization. We are learning best practices and strategies from each other in a collaborative and open environment.

As a team, we create solutions across departments and see our vision together. The synergy at Kisi because of these values is unmatched. I love working at Kisi because we are creating and evolving solutions together with the help of an amazing team and our wonderful clients.

How has your experience been working with a widespread remote team? How do you all stay connected?

Working at Kisi remotely has been a great experience. We connect at least once a day as a team which keeps everyone centered and focused. As a sales team, we often work on projects collaboratively and communicate over Zoom or Discord. Our team works very closely with all of the Kisi Co-founders which is an amazing opportunity to stay connected and learn about our vision. We had a sales meet-up in New York earlier this year and had the opportunity to collaborate in Brooklyn for a week–while having some fun!

As a global team, we meet weekly to discuss new product updates, exciting clients, and how our team is growing. Additionally, we have Kisi Culture events with all of our teammates across the world. This is a really great opportunity to connect with Kisi employees in all different parts of the world for some fun outside of daily work– most recently, we played Pictionary!

What would you like to tell potential future team members about your team?

Kisi is a really special opportunity because we are an organization that genuinely cares about the world around us, our wonderful reseller network we use to grow our product, and our team. It is rare to find a company that is centered around making a tangible difference in our world, as well as having the opportunity to share ideas on how to accomplish this goal as an organization. The Kisi team will be there to celebrate your wins alongside you and strategize when things don’t work as planned!

What is your current favorite TV show?

My currently favorite TV show is Schitts Creek. I love TV comedies– so anything in the realm of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, How I Met Your Mother, and the Good Place will always have me sold on watching!

What is something most people do not know about you?

Something most people do not know about me is that I was a competitive Irish step dancer for almost 8 years– I did both soft shoe dances and the hardshoes like in RiverDance!

What can you usually be found doing on the weekend?

On the weekend, I can usually be found trying to cook or bake a new dish, as well as exploring new trails and nature spots around Florida. I grew up near the beach so I love spending time walking on the beach or enjoying a sunrise.

I am working on getting a Masters degree in Business Management from the University of Florida, so when I am not outside, I am usually at the library studying.

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