Alert policies make sure you never miss an issue that needs attention

By Katalin Haverinen-Varga

March 11, 2022

Kisi product feature spotlight

Alert policies allow you to track what's happening in your Kisi environment in real time and quickly respond to critical events.

Reliably notifying staff about critical events is crucial in order to ensure a fast response. As a Kisi admin, you want your team to quickly react when certain events occur in your environment. For example:

  • Alert Joe via email when the main entrance door is unlocked during weekends
  • Alert Jane via push notification when a door is held open any day of the week
  • Alert admin Eve when an integration is created for auditing purposes

Instead of manually digging through the log files to find out what happened and when, with Kisi you can fine-tune conditions for individual resources in your environment, and make sure to assign the issues to the right people on your team.

Set up alert policies and get updated whenever a certain event occurs

To create an alert policy, navigate to Organization setup, click on Alert Policies, and define the name of your new alert policy.

Add Alert Policy

Next, you define the alert policy conditions. By clicking on What, you can choose the resource and action that you want to use as a trigger for your alert. By clicking on Who, you can also choose a specific user, or multiple users, that will trigger the alert.

In the example below we want to get notified when the main entrance door gets forced open by anyone.

Select the resource that should trigger the alert

Next, you define the schedule when your team should be notified about this certain event.

Select the time when the alert policy should be active.

As a last step, you define who should be informed when this specific event occurs by simply adding their email addresses. Here, you can also define if the user should be notified via email, web or mobile push notification.

Define who should be notify and how

With the Alert policies feature in Kisi you can make sure you never miss an issue that needs attention.

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Katalin Haverinen-Varga
Katalin Haverinen-Varga

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