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Gate Access Control

Moving people in big spaces, such as lobbies or building interiors, especially when they have varying levels of security

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Gate Access Control

Updated on January 10, 2024

Written by Bernhard Mehl

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Moving people in big spaces, such as lobbies or building interiors, especially when they have varying levels of security clearance, can be tricky. Now corporations are introducing gate access control systems that can effectively detect tailgating whilst minimizing any inconveniences to users. This is done whilst ensuring the safety of all users and without forming any obtrusive barriers.

How do Commercial Gate Access Solutions Work? #

Gate access control is a smart and convenient way to secure your building or property. By finding effective commercial gate access control systems, you can ensure that the exits and entrances to your building are secure. Only authorized personnel or individuals with the keypad pin or a keycard can gain access. This gives you full control over who you allow into your facility.

Whilst every system may differ, Kisi offers one of the highest-rated access control systems, available on the market. This innovative enterprise-grade system is simple and easy to use, whether you’re new to these systems or an expert.

One of our customers - a Brooklyn-based hardware incubator - uses Kisi to manage access to their roll-up gates. This allows them to:

  1. Open and close any of the gates remotely.
  2. Track who opened and closed the gate last.
  3. Allow truck drivers to open the gate from their smartphones, without leaving their cabin.

You can read more about this case study here.

Kisi Product Overview

Benefits of managing gates access with Kisi #

All of Kisi's advanced features apply to any entry point, whether that's a gate, a door, or an elevator.

Kisi enables your team to:

  • Manage capacity into a certain area of your building
  • Remotely open/close any gates
  • Schedule automated opening hours for gates
  • Review and export access events
  • Set granular restrictions on who has access when
  • Set alarm zones and get intrusion alerts
  • Manage multiple facilities from the same dashboard
  • Combine access events with video camera recordings
  • Give users the access methods you want: in-app unlock, smartphone tap-to-unlock, touchless or keycards, and fobs.

Industrial and logistics companies choose Kisi its simplicity of use for their teams, and the incredibly powerful features available on the admin side.

Other Types of Gate Access Control Solutions #

Speed Gates #

These systems are designed to monitor and manage all entries and exits to your building.

With advances in technology, you are now able to customize your operating system to meet your exact requirements. This includes, but is not limited to, customizable anti-tailgating technologies, biometric systems, ticket acceptance devices, and recognition readers.

Turnstiles #

The tripod turnstile is a commonly used gate access control system across the globe. These systems allow only one person through at a time, thereby helping to slow traffic and control access.

Turnstiles are much slower than speed gates and aren’t very secure as someone can simply jump over them. However, they do help to limit access as they can integrate with a keycard reader or a keyfob that only allows people with verified credentials to pass through.

There are also full-height rotor turnstiles that are much more secure than tripod turnstiles as they cannot be jumped over. These are similar to mantraps.

Doors and Smart Locks #

There are various versions of door and smart lock integrations that allow a door only to unlock when specific requirements are met. These are very easy to install and can utilize mobile phone access, keypads, biometrics, or keycard access.

Once an individual provides the correct credentials or information to the access control system, the door unlocks. This simple solution can help keep residential and office spaces more secure.

What Does Kisi Have To Offer? #

Kisi is perfect for first-time users and experts alike. Our access control systems can be used for anything from a single-door residency to a large-scale business office. With extensive enterprise-grade features and state-of-the-art technology, Kisi systems will bring the future into your office.

We can install both hardware and software within your gate systems to provide more secure access. Kisi easily integrates with hundreds of software solutions. So, you can always ensure that access to your building or space runs smoothly and with minimal effort from the staff. Smart access control systems can easily be fitted to any of the gate solutions mentioned above and more.

These systems allow facility admins to issue mobile keys to visitors, employees, or paying members. Additionally, Kisi allows you to set door timers to keep certain rooms open at specified times.

In Conclusion #

Whilst there are many options available on the market, Kisi remains a step ahead of the rest. We pride ourselves on our extensive experience in various industries. For top-of-the-line, innovative and dynamic systems, look no further than Kisi Access Control Solutions.

Bernhard Mehl

Bernhard is the co-founder and CEO of Kisi. His philosophy, "security is awesome," is contagious among tech-enabled companies.

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