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Kisi launches Intrusion Detection as part of expansion into physical security

Kisi launches Intrusion Detection as part of expansion into physical security

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Updated on November 30, 2022

Written by Carlo Belloni

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Brooklyn, NY, April 28, 2021

Intrusion Detection enables customers to merge their access and alarm policies within Kisi’s market-leading dashboard.

Kisi Inc., the cloud-based access control market leader has launched its own Intrusion Detection product moving the company towards becoming a complete physical security solution. Intrusion Detection allows customers to natively implement alarm policies from their Kisi dashboard. Intrusion Detection uses contact sensors, which could already be used to identify access, to detect intruders.

By natively integrating intrusion detection, Kisi helps facility owners and admins address common security issues such as protecting the company’s intellectual property and employees without having to purchase additional security hardware. Security can now be managed from one cloud dashboard, removing the complexity of legacy systems (that require server rooms and in-house IT specialists to function) and the tedious maintenance of multiple platforms that characterizes modern solutions.

Coordinating from the same solution translates into lower false alarms and a lower risk of human error while operating the dashboards.

“Our vision has always been to connect people with spaces,” says Carl Pfeiffer, CTO and founder. This explains the move of expanding the platform into a more comprehensive physical security platform.

kisi stockholm office dashboard intrusion detection
An example of the alarm schedule within the Kisi dashboard.

“For us, it was never about access control or intrusion,” adds Bernhard Mehl, CEO and founder - “it was more about customer enablement from the start.” Mehl continues, “The pandemic has been an occasion for getting creative, for many tech companies, and we wanted to be creative in how we add new capabilities so that they are easily deployed. Adding more security to your facilities should be simple and that’s what we’ve done with Intrusion Detection.”

Kisi releases Intrusion Detection with the clear goal of decreasing admin struggle and granting an additional security layer to its customers.

The advantages of combining alarm and access policies

Normally, these two policies are managed by different dashboards: one from the access control system and the other one from the alarm system. This means that the two applications do not collaborate but simply work on their individual tasks.

Having a solution that merges both reduces the risk of misunderstandings between one platform and the other. This means no false alarms, automatic disarming when the employee/visitor is authorized to access (no need to disarm through pin pads), a lower chance of human errors (as you do not need to set up and maintain two platforms) and reduced costs as you don’t need to purchase and maintain two solutions.

Finally, an additional advantage is the lack of hardware required to start using the feature due to this being a software product. Kisi Intrusion Detection works with your existing sensors and can be quickly set up and operated. Kisi adds this extra layer of security in a way that favors scalability and customer support, making it a solution that grows with you without adding complexity for admins.

Final Notes

Intrusion Detection is now available for all customers. For additional details about the features, check out our dedicated product page or contact our sales team.

About Kisi: Founded in 2012 in Brooklyn, NY, Kisi is a cloud-based security platform. Businesses of every size and industry use Kisi to secure their spaces, streamline operations and build a vibrant office culture.

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