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Kisi and Eagle Eye partnership announcement

Read about the integration between Kisi and Eagle Eye Networks that enables you to quickly pull video associated with door access events or activity.

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Branded Kisi image with the Eagle Eye Networks and Kisi logos announcing the new integration partnership

Updated on October 06, 2023

Written by Vera Eftimovska

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To accelerate Kisi’s mission of creating a secure future by offering businesses a connected, accessible, and secure building ecosystem, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Eagle Eye Networks. Eagle Eye Networks delivers cyber-secure video with artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, making businesses more efficient and the world a safer place.
This technical integration between the leading cloud access control and cloud video surveillance providers enables security professionals to quickly pull video associated with a door event or activity. These crucial access events include people entering or exiting a building, a door being held or propped open, or potential facility break-in attempts.

An image of two Kisi access control readers mounted on separate office doors

Cloud-based video and access control simplified

Worldwide organizations of all sizes use Kisi to protect people, spaces, and valuables. The Kisi and Eagle eye integration adds advanced monitoring capabilities to admins that can manage access to all their spaces on the fly and remotely grant and revoke access in seconds with Kisi’s intuitive dashboard or mobile app.

By integrating Eagle Eye Networks with Kisi, all cameras will be listed and available on the account. Admins can select particular cameras to monitor events and video clips simultaneously.

These additional video management functionalities enable businesses to further streamline and safeguard entrance operations and swiftly mitigate potential incidents.

The benefits of integrating Kisi and Eagle Eye

  • 24/7 operational spaces remotely managed from a single dashboard
  • Seamlessly secured and easily accessible doors
  • Entrances and meeting room monitoring
  • Streamlined visitor access and remotely managed access privileges based on user, group, or membership levels.
  • Integrated camera networks and access control system for a completely secured ecosystem

Save Time. Enhance Security.

Modernize your access control with remote management and useful integrations.

How does the Kisi and Eagle Eye integration work?

Kisi integrates with the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS thanks to the Eagle Eye open video API platform. As interconnected tech ecosystem front runners, both companies boast open API, easily accessible by anyone.

Kisi’s JSON-based API allows businesses to manage users and access rights, unlock doors, or automate workflows using event webhooks. Eagle Eye’s RESTful API supports thousands of security camera models.

Unlock connected, secure access

Ready to experience the Kisi and Eagle Eye integration firsthand? Contact our team and open the door to seamless access control and enhanced security.

Vera Eftimovska

Content Strategist at Kisi

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