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Kisi Partners with to Offer Additional Gym Integration Options

Our latest integration with will allow your gym to boost revenue while improving access security. Learn more

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Updated on April 08, 2024

Written by Bernhard Mehl

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Kisi’s access control platform now integrates with gym management software to enable fitness facility admins to automate access control and member check-in for a premium member experience.

Increase your Revenue #

Kisi allows you to keep your space open for 24 hours, 7 days a week. This means more revenue without compromising the safety and security of your space, and a new opportunity for different membership tiers based on access permissions.

A Seamless Experience for You and Your Members #

By synching your and Kisi member directories, this integration makes it easy to control access based on your unique membership tiers. Plus, whenever one of your members successfully unlocks a door to your facility, Kisi will automatically check the user in through the platform.

Custom Access Permissions #

Simply synch your membership plan options with Kisi Access Groups to tailor access permissions based on your custom membership tiers. For example, premium members could automatically be granted 24/7 access to your facility through Kisi, while standard members are only given access during certain hours.

Plus, admins can grant access to visitors for trial memberships or to guest trainers who don’t need full-time access, all from the same dashboard. Kisi will also allow you to revoke access to non-paying members.

Security Camera Integration #

Integrate your Kisi x system with security cameras for even more security and event monitoring.

Streamline Security and Event Investigation Processes #

With Kisi’s Events Export feature, you can export up to the last 10,000 security events that have happened in your facility. This gives you fast access to all unlock events, admin access sharing, and incidents like forced door unlocks.

Directory Synching for Easy Onboarding #

Quickly sync your member directory with Kisi’s directory to keep your access permissions up-to-date. Any time you onboard a new member through, the person will be able to unlock your facility doors from their smartphone without any further steps on your end.

What Are The Benefits? #

Some of the benefits you’ll have when you integrate with your Kisi system include:

  • Grant 24/7 access to your customers
  • Automatically revoke access to non paying members
  • Offer additional benefits to premium members by synching directories

Learn more about the integration at

Bernhard Mehl

Bernhard is the co-founder and CEO of Kisi. His philosophy, "security is awesome," is contagious among tech-enabled companies.

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