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Hack Week 2022: Summer Edition

Hack Week at Kisi: One week every summer for the product team to collaborate, learn, build, experiment, and have fun. Read about the 2022 Hack Week.

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An image showing Kisi's product team having fun during a Hack Week 2022 activity

Updated on July 17, 2023

Written by Kristen Peroni

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As we are sheltering now in the cold winter and having just completed our winter edition of Hack Week in remote, we look forward to the next summer edition by reminiscing some beautiful memories from last year. We are counting the days until the whole team meets up again.

Located on one of the 30,000 islands and islets in Sweden is Ekuddens Vandrarhem, a traditional Swedish bed and breakfast offering visitors a welcoming and beautiful escape from their day to day lives.

A map showing the exact location in Gull, Sweden where the Kisi Hack Week 2022 took place

The two quaint houses are surrounded by pastures, water, and giant oak trees, which are cherished across the world as symbols of wisdom and strength. It’s a perfect place to relax and recharge, and therefore was also the perfect location for Kisi’s 2022 Hack Week.

As a team that works to connect people and spaces, it’s important that we make time to prioritize connecting internally as well. Hack Week at Kisi provides one week every summer for the product team to collaborate, learn and build, try new things, and, of course, have fun! This year 20 team members from over seven countries gathered in Gålö for Hack Week 2022: Summer Edition.

A picture of Kisi's product team playing real-life Minesweeper during 2022 Hack Week

After the team arrived at their home for the week, the fun could finally start. The product team spent the week doing various workshops and team-building activities to help increase both the team’s knowledge and camaraderie. Some of these activities included real-life Minesweeper, seeing who could build the best tower with spaghetti and marshmallows, a 3D printer workshop, and of course, the Hackathon, where the team got to work on coding and dive deeper into the product.

In regards to this great learning experience, frontend developer Rahul Kasana shared, “My favorite part of the week was being able to work more on the backend. As a frontend developer, I don’t often get an opportunity to do a lot of backend work, so during hack week, getting to work both made things very interesting to me.”

A quote about Hack Week by Kisi's Backend Developer Andre

When reflecting on the importance of the week, Cofounder and CTO Carl Pfeiffer shared that the week is really focused on three things: creativity, team building, and getting hands on with the product.

Even though the team has mastered remote and hybrid work, getting to know your colleagues in real life helps drive stronger understanding and collaboration that sets the team up for more successful projects as we push forward as well as adding a more human element to the work.

When asked about the value of in-person collaboration, data analyst Avery Ong said, “I got the chance to meet some of my colleagues in-person for the first time, and got to know them better, outside of the working environment. I saw how motivated everyone on the team was, and I am grateful to be part of this wonderful community.”

A picture of the product team relaxing at sunset during Kisi Hack Week 2022

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