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Kisi Teams Up with Eden Workplace for a New Workplace Management Integration Option

Our integration with Eden Workplace grants top-level access control security while empowering your employees.

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Updated on April 08, 2024

Written by Alberto Di Risio

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Kisi’s integration with Eden Workplace provides an efficient and effective new option to manage flexible, hybrid workplaces. Easily manage employee and visitor access permissions with automatic directory synching between Eden Workplace and Kisi.

Access Control Within Your Workplace #

Bookings for desks and rooms made through the Eden Workplace platform will automatically sync with Kisi, giving specific users access to your office and the spaces within it when they need it, and revoking it when they don’t.

Simplify Visitor Management #

Grant access to visitors instantly, limit access to certain places within your workplace and revoke access when visitors leave, all through Kisi access credentials. Plus, Kisi tracks all access events, so you’ll easily be able to view visitor records.

Automate Onboarding and Off-boarding #

Employees and visitors will immediately be given access to the spaces you specify as soon as you’ve added them to your Eden Workplace management system, and that access can be taken away just as easily when it’s no longer needed. This increases safety and efficiency for your workplace.

Access to Multiple Locations #

With the Kisi app, users can be given access to multiple locations through their smartphones. No more confusion from keeping track of multiple keys or worrying about security when you’re managing multiple locations.

What are the Benefits? #

  • Easily manage visitors
  • Grant access to employees and visitors instantly, whenever and wherever
  • Track user events throughout the office for increased security

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Alberto Di Risio

Acquisition Marketing Manager at Kisi

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