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Kisi Partners with spaceOS to Offer More Office Space Management Integration Options

Our integration with spaceOS will allow you to step up your security while benefitting your bottom line.

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spaceos integration with kisi

Updated on April 08, 2024

Written by Bernhard Mehl

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Kisi access control now integrates with spaceOS office management software to help office administrators control access to and within their space. Perfect for coworking spaces, shared offices, and flexible workplaces, this integration will open a new realm of possibilities for safety, security, and even increased revenue.

Manage Office Capacity #

When members or employees book a desk, meeting room, or office space through spaceOS, Kisi access control will automatically sync with the spaceOS platform to control when users can enter the building. This provides easy control over how many people can be in your office space at any given time and allows you to customize access for each individual occupant.

Seamless Onboarding and Off-boarding #

Because your spaceOS directory will automatically sync with Kisi’s directory, members and employees will be able to access your space within minutes of being entered into your system, with no extra work on your end. By the same token, access can instantly be revoked for non-paying members, when contracts end, or for anyone who is no longer an employee.

Increase Revenue #

Along with charging extra for amenities like food and beverages, using Kisi throughout your office space allows you to charge for use of spaces like phone booths, meeting rooms, and private offices. You will also be able to stay open 24/7, giving users access any time they want without too much additional overhead cost.

Understand Usage Patterns #

Kisi will track all unlock events, so you can gather further data on when your space is most in-demand and who is using your space most often.

What are the Benefits? #

  • Increased safety and security for your office spaces
  • Ability to offer 24/7 access to users
  • Automatically sync directories for simplified access control

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