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Kisi is top identity security management vendor

Kisi Inc., manufacturer of end-to-end, cloud-based physical access control systems, has been heralded as one of the top 20 most promising identity governance and administration solution providers by technology magazine CIOReview. This prestigious standing makes Kisi the first and only physical security vendor to be included in the list, which also cites cyber security giants such as RSA Security and DUO. The compilation and accreditation further validates the growing symbiosis between cyber and physical disciplines, resulting in the continued integration of cyber-physical access control into modern IT systems.

Implementing robust policies governing user identities:

Companies adopt identity governance and administration solutions for doors

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solutions have increasingly moved to the cloud, providing administrators and end-users with an intuitive user interface to prevent the potential threat of information and data leaks -- indicating growing acceptance of cloud hosting for critical physical security and access control applications.

With design-built identity verification as its foundation, Kisi’s SaaS-based application enables administrators to generate and group key profiles used to control access at a granular level. This ensures that the right person, with the appropriate credentials, is permitted access to approved doors or locations within a facility or enterprise site.Kisi also enables keyless entry management and control by providing authorized unlocking credentials and permissions remotely, regardless of the administrator’s location. The company’s robust reporting features lets administrators monitor and log access occurrences in real-time from the Kisi dashboard, even when away from the office. This feature also allows systems administrators to automatically maintain reports and logs of those who have entered the protected premises 365/24/7, with direct access to complete historical data on activity at all controlled entrances and exits.

Kisi is one of the most promising identity solutions:

Cyber security starts at the door

In 2016, some 93% of companies already used multi-factor authentication for their software systems. However doors seem to be measured by different criteria, as proximity cards have been accepted as the standard in the industry, rendering doors incompatible with networked IT systems.

“When modern organizations search for integrated security solutions they will require physical access control vendors to meet or match required  IT security standards,” says Bernhard Mehl, CEO at Kisi. “They know it is essential to extend their reach and compliance of IT security standards to the physical security world.”

With 20% of all companies looking to adopt mobile credentials by 2020 as part of their physical security strategy, it is inevitable for those solutions to be vetted and measured against the same standard as any cyber system or process already in place.

About Kisi

Kisi Inc. makes keys easy by developing solutions to address critical inefficiencies in physical security and access management. Kisi provides outstanding and seamless access experiences for both users and managers using mobile keyless technology and a cloud-based management platform. Founded in 2012, Kisi has been installed in hundreds of modern offices and coworking spaces across the globe. Following their mission to “make access awesome,” the company continues to work with the most relevant and demanding facilities operators, IT managers and security professionals in the industry.

About Kisi’s profile in CIO Review

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