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Physical Security Conferences for 2020

Some of the hottest physical security events coming up for 2020

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Updated on April 08, 2024

Written by Karen Taborda

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If you’re a security expert, tech enthusiast or coworking space owner interested in learning about emerging trends in the security industry, it’s a good idea to network with other industry professionals, vendors and customers at physical security conferences. Attending industry events is one of the most effective ways of maintaining a strong network.

Top Security Events of 2020 #

Here are some of the top upcoming security conferences 2019 that will provide stakeholders in the security industry with an opportunity to share ideas on offering greater value.

1. IFSEC International #

Date: May 19-21, 2020

This event is a cybersecurity summit that brings together physical security, cybersecurity and systems integration. Held in London, thousands of professionals from these fields of security will connect and discuss a wide variety of liabilities to address security threats and come up with standards for controlling security across systems.

2. ASIS Security Conference and Expo #

Date: May 7-8, 2020

For two days, the event will bring together leaders in the industry to share ideas, coach, network and inspire up and coming professionals at the Javitts Center in New York, NY.

3. Intersec Dubai 2020 #

Date: January 19-21, 2020

The event will present over 1,200 exhibitors that will showcase a truly comprehensive range of products across seven broad sections: commercial security, smart home, information security, fire & rescue, safety & health, homeland security & policing and perimeter & physical security.

4. ISC West #

Date: March 17-19, 2020

With SIA as its premier sponsor, this is the largest event in the northeast security industry. The attendees will have the opportunity to meet technical representatives from more than 225 established security service providers. As a result, attendees will gain a competitive advantage in the market by learning about unmanned security, smart home technologies, access control, video surveillance and many other products that benefit security service providers and their clients. The event will be held at the Sand Expo in Las Vegas, NV.

5. Security Essen- Germany #

Date: September 22-25, 2020

From fire prevention and cyber security and CCTV to the protection of outdoor areas: experts, decision-makers and buyers from this industry will be meeting in Essen. At top international level, with the latest trends and the most important innovations.

Physical Security Trends of 2020 #

We can’t predict what the conversation will be at these upcoming events. What we do know, however, is that one of the main aspects of the physical security industry that the events will need to address is how service providers can harness the following emerging trends.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) #

Progress in artificial intelligence varies from one industry to another. There’s a strong link between the physical security and AI sectors. For example, security service providers can deploy video surveillance analytics tools that rely on machine learning and deep learning technology to make smarter network-integrated security systems. Integrating physical security hardware with AI and cloud technology is transforming and expanding the amount of control that customers have over their secure spaces.

2. Cloud Computing #

Traditionally, companies used a physical computer on their premises to run their access control system. But an increasing number of companies are finding good reasons to move their access control systems to the cloud. A cloud-based access control system improves the efficiency of your security system, which ultimately adds to your competitive advantage and better service to customers.

3. Environmental Sustainability #

Like other industries in today’s world, the security industry needs to identify ways of working sustainably. The conversations at physical security conferences 2019 should address the question of how to develop and use physical security solutions that are not only profitable but also comply with environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

A big part of the answer lies in smart sensors. For instance, an environmental sensor in a smart city can trigger a thermal or video camera to quickly identify dangerous spills or fires and prompt rapid response.

4. Personalization vs. Privacy #

In today’s world, many online services come at the cost of your personal data. The implementation of GDPR sought to address this concern and increase trust between organizations and the people they serve. Trust is one of the most important intangible assets of any company, especially for physical security service providers.

5. Internet of Things (IoT) #

Whether you’re talking about physical security or cybersecurity, you can never be 100% secure. Criminals are always trying to find and exploit vulnerabilities in security systems. This is why access control companies are continually looking for innovations in hardware that will streamline and automate tasks for the end-user as well as providing greater security. As a result, attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, especially as the ever-growing Internet of Things continues to blur the line between physical security and cybersecurity.

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