Product Update: Kisi Integrates With Rhombus Cameras

By Kait Hobson
February 12, 2020
Kisi Integrates With Rhombus Cameras

Kisi is excited to announce an integration with Rhombus Systems. Admins can now map Rhombus cameras to specific doors to easily review security-critical snapshots that correspond to Kisi door events.

How it works:

Each time a security-relevant door event is recorded on the Kisi platform, it will download video clips from your Rhombus camera on and around the timestamp of the event. These snapshots can be viewed on the Rhombus dashboard. For a video of the integration please click here


Benefits include:

  • Video clips that correspond to Kisi unlock, held-open and forced-open door events
  • Create event markers in camera feed timelines for all badge entry events
  • Learn faces by associating a detected face with a badge entry event
  • Create an alert if the face detected does not match the badge used for entry 
  • Save a 10-second clip for all badge entry events
  • Unauthorized badge alerts: alerts occur when badges do not match the user—the admin will be notified via push notification or email that someone used a badge to access the space that does not match their facial recognition profile
The Rhombus dashboard will show a log of all unlocks and entries of authorized users at Kisi access points
Rhombus camera snapshot of an unauthorized badge attempt
Timestamps and snapshots of door unlock events saved in the Rhombus dashboard

If you’d like to get in touch for a demo, or to learn more about how video feedback can enhance your audit trail, please email

Kait Hobson

Workplace Innovation