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Sales team meetup: Securing strong colleague relationships in New York

To secure the colleague bonds, the sales and partnerships teams met in Kisi’s New York office for a few days filled with fun and access control.

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An image of Daniela, Partnership Manager at Kisi jumping in front of the Brooklyn Bridge

Updated on November 03, 2023

Written by Daniela Mallarino

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Last month, the Kisi sales team got together at our Brooklyn office (in person!!!) to welcome new team members, collaborate on exciting ideas, and develop fun projects. This was the second Sales Team Meetup hosted in NYC - and I have to say - standards are high for next year.

The remote-first culture of Kisi allows me to thrive as I get to decide where to spend my time outside of work. But, seeing the great people that I have the privilege to work with in person confirmed one of the biggest truths in the world of work: In person collaboration is essential.

an image of Kisi branded mug standing on a desk in Kisi's New York office

What is the office anyway?

Since 2020, the conversation around remote work vs hybrid vs in person has been a case for contention. Some find that going to the office is non-negotiable to promote growth and culture, while others argue that employees can be as productive, if not more, working from the comfort of their desired work environment.

Kisi’s culture prioritizes flexibility and productivity - and with events like Hack Week in Stockholm and the Sales Team Meetup in NYC - it also promotes collaboration and belonging when it matters.

a sellfie made by Daniela with most of the sales team with Brooklyn Bridge in the background

Having an office space where everyone can come together to collaborate and gather is essential to protect culture, ideas, and belonging across teams. And the best part? Seeing the Kisi solution in action.

As most of us arrived temporarily, we got to experience the instant satisfaction of unlocking the office door with our phones. Seeing our reader quickly grant us access was the first indication that the week was going to be exciting.

Unlock doors, setup doors

Of course, a big part of the bonding experience was around competition. Throughout the week we participated in a tournament that consisted of several challenges to complete in teams and we accumulated points until the last day.

From going on a rainy scavenger hunt around Brooklyn, to a heated Jeopardy game focused on internal Kisi knowledge, we definitely had enough opportunities to rival each other.

The most engaging activity was working in small teams to determine who could set up a Kisi door in the least amount of time. From connecting our hardware to setting up group permissions, we picked a team member to activate the dashboard and another one to wire the controller.

Each team managed to set up the door in less than ten minutes. It was really fun to make this experience about our own product as it supports our understanding of the customer experience and pushes us to prioritize modern and easy to understand features.

an image of Daniel wiring the Kisi access controller

Offline mode? Real Talk

Besides using the office as a space for collaboration and work (also losing and winning and losing again at both FIFA and Mario Kart) we also took advantage of the beautiful location as a team.

As part of the scavenger hunt we were tasked to discover multiple fun facts about Brooklyn, including how many horses are available at Jane’s Carousel and which Al Pacino movie was filmed in the same building as the original Shake Shack location in Dumbo - we worked hard to find the answers so of course I won’t disclose them now.

Doing this as a group was the most enjoyable part of it because we got to strategize, plan, and stroll around with a specific goal in mind.

Daniela takes a selfie with the Kisi colleagues during the team challenge scavenger hunt

One of the most useful actions that I’ve learned over the years of working remotely is that making the effort to intentionally connect with your colleagues creates a difference. Facilitating spaces to be able to chat informally and taking the time to care about each other before diving into business matters.

Seeing everyone in person feels just as important - except we now have memorable photos, deeper trust in our teams, and increased knowledge on how to effectively communicate with each other.

Flexible work has only proven that we can create meaningful connections around the world and still feel comfortable enough to sing our hearts out at live music karaoke.

After a packed week - Our occupancy data doesn’t lie ;) We are energized to continue collaborating remotely and getting ready for the next Kisi meetup!

Oh - By the way - Did I mention we also had a special guest joining us?

An image of Cooper, Kisi's top salesdog

Meet Cooper! Our top salesdog, increasing ARH (Annual Recurring Happiness) by 300%.

This year’s Sales Team Meetup was filled with energy, creativity, competition, and the genuine desire to work as a team. Can’t wait to see everyone again!

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Daniela Mallarino

Daniela Mallarino is the Tech Partnerships Manager @ Kisi. She loves highlighting partners that align with Kisi's core values of being forward, trusted, and human to promote mutual collaboration and growth.

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Save time.

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Modernize your access control with remote management and useful integrations.

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  • Connect with a Kisi expert in 24 hours

  • Get a tailored solution for your use case

  • Start unlocking with Kisi in a matter of days

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