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Top 5 Azure SSO Integrations

Microsoft Azure provides a way for large scale organizations to access cloud resources, notably when it comes to managin

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Top 5 Azure SSO Integrations

Updated on April 08, 2024

Written by Ashley Davis

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Microsoft Azure provides a way for large scale organizations to access cloud resources, notably when it comes to managing employee directory data, which is necessary to access all kinds of other related web applications.

With so many web applications available on the cloud, it can be overwhelming to manage user access, especially when teams grow and it becomes difficult to migrate to or integrate other Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. In addition to this, new and innovative applications are being developed all the time, so it helps to have a central dashboard from which to manage user access to different services.

In addition to this, instead of managing user access to each service individually, these top 5 Azure SSO integrations make Single Sign On (SSO) a reality, so that no one has to remember their login details for each and every application.

Top 5 Azure SSO Integrations #

1. Box #

As one of the first cloud storage web applications available online, Box has been used by many businesses to store valuable company information. For this reason, it makes sense to integrate Box with Azure, as you can bring together all of your employee data and connect it to this web application. This minimizes any problems that occur with mass user migration.

Since cloud storage and sharing documents is such an essential part of running a business today, this is certainly one of the top Azure SSO integrations.

2. Envoy #

To follow on from the above, when it comes to managing an office, it’s not all about document sharing either. In a building with hundreds of people, where managing visitors, meeting rooms and deliveries is necessary, it makes sense to combine user directory data with a SaaS application that can manage all of these services.

Linking applications like Envoy with Azure can help you do just that by streamlining and managing employee data.

3. Adobe #

In addition to managing user access to shared applications and streamlining physical office processes, managing user licenses and access to design software like Adobe also needs to be managed in conjunction with user directory data.

For this reason, linking Adobe Creative Cloud user access with Azure is critical in large scale organizations that need to purchase multiple licenses.

4. Smartsheet #

For businesses operating on a global scale, it can be difficult to manage and access central company resources with hundreds of users and with several company processes needing to be aligned on a daily basis.

Software like Smartsheet helps to bring all company planning and enterprise development strategies into one place, which makes linking access control to these kinds of resources with Azure critical, especially when it comes to integrating these processes with Office 365.

5. Kisi #

Once again, managing online software resources with multiple users is essential when it comes to running a large scale organization with multiple employees. In addition to being able to share and manage online information, it’s also critical that physical security is taken care of.

It can be challenging to manage a number of users across international premises though, which is why linking access control applications like Kisi with Azure is essential to creating streamlined access across various offices. Linking the physical and digital resources that Kisi provides with the vast resources of a cloud-based application like Azure can help make your company more secure and efficient.

Final Thoughts #

Azure is a global cloud service management platform that has robust resources to store extensive employee directory data. This makes creating user authentication processes simple and streamlined.

With so many helpful software applications on the marketplace today, like the ones we have covered above, there is so much opportunity to combine resources and applications for maximum benefit.

In addition to this, with the ability to implement various software integrations, from shared online resources to physical access control services, there is no need to worry about managing a variety of business processes with multiple stakeholders, thanks to SSO technology.

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