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Top 5 Google SSO Integrations

‍When managing processes in large scale organizations, it’s necessary to interact with a number of online applications a

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Top 5 Google SSO Integrations

Updated on December 01, 2022

Written by Ashley Davis

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When managing processes in large scale organizations, it’s necessary to interact with a number of online applications and platforms.

However, when using so many different applications it can be a challenge to manage login details. At scale, this also becomes unrealistic. In addition, when dealing with a large customer base, it’s also important to be able to offer an easy way for users to log in to support programs and other applications seamlessly without having to set up a new account.

This process is known as Single Sign-On (SSO) integration and is particularly useful when used with Google, as many people around the world use their services to interact and store information online. In this article, we’ll explore the Top 5 Google SSO integrations.

Top 5 Google SSO Integrations #

1. Atlassian Opsgenie #

As one of the largest software companies in the world, Atlassian develops a number of useful enterprise tools. One of these is Opsgenie, which allows developers to stay on top of critical issues.

Since software developers will be working with a large customer base, and perhaps across continents, it makes sense that being able to sign on to Opsgenie and share this information using other Google cloud tools makes sense.

2. Twilio #

Twilio builds APIs that help companies to communicate with their customers, using AI. In addition to working with Google’s AI services, Twilio requires being able to interact with a wide customer base, which makes it critical for both employees and customers to be able to sign in and integrate this application with their current employee or customer directory.

Since communicating with customers in novel ways is essential to the modern business, including applications like SMS, WhatsApp, and others, this is one of the best Google SSO integrations.

3. Adobe #

Keeping up with license rentals across a large organization can be tricky, especially if you’re using design software like Adobe that is regularly updated and accessible from the cloud already.

As we mentioned above, it’s unrealistic for employees to remember login details at scale, which is why linking an employee directory with Google authentication services makes so much sense and can streamline login and sharing information across the network.

4. Freshdesk #

Customer service is a critical focus in the digital age, and when working with customers, it’s essential to be able to provide them with an easy way to login to your platform. Freshdesk provides this functionality by bringing all helpdesk communication into one place.

At scale, SSO is critical for being able to respond to customer conversations, queries and complaints in a swift manner, and be able to create more efficient ways of responding to repeated queries.

For this reason, being able to log into the Freshdesk platform using Google credentials is very helpful, and makes this one of the top 5 Google SSO integrations.

5. Kisi #

We’ve covered a number of software applications in the article above that focus on providing solid customer service, design capabilities, and communication within a business. However, the physical realm of the office and security is also an important factor to consider in operations, especially for large businesses that have multiple premises and regular visitors.

With Kisi, authentication and access control for multiple employees and visitors can be managed through a central dashboard. To make this process easier, it makes sense to link Kisi with Google SSO, so that logging into the platform is easy and streamlined, even when you’re having to manage exit and entry across many different places.

Final Thoughts on the Top 5 Google SSO Integrations #

In the above article, we’ve taken a look at a variety of communications, design, and access control apps, which are all a lot easier to use at scale with the help of SSO technology.

As more and more applications and platforms are created, it makes sense that authentication should become easier and not more difficult, both when it comes to accessing online applications as well as devices in the physical realm of offices too. Integrating Google SSO with various applications makes this whole process easier and more efficient.

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