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Kisi Works Alongside Fire Alarms

I think most would agree that fire alarms are necessary (and cool!) to have in place. In fact, it would be extremely reckless to install an access control system that doesn’t meet all fire safety measures.

Some might ask, “Does the Kisi Pro Controller have a fire alarm relay?” No, it doesn’t. We designed the board without a fire relay for a couple of reasons.

One, it keeps down the cost of manufacturing the board and therefore, lowers the hardware cost for our clients. Two, in order to be compliant with building codes, the installer generally installs a backup power controller like this. Both the building’s fire alarm system and the Kisi Pro Controller are connected to the backup power controller. And the electric locks are also wired into the backup power controller.

So to paint a better picture for all you visual folks out there (myself included) imagine this: A fire breaks out in the building, which triggers the fire alarm. The fire alarm will then trigger the backup power controller to unlock the doors for people to safely exit. And that’s it!

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