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Kisi Values: The Importance of Being Forward

Join us in exploring one of our company values: Forward. Read what forward mean to us, its importance, and how it reflects in the recruitment process.

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Updated on July 19, 2023

Written by Kristen Peroni

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Company values are crucial to have and uphold since they serve as an enduring foundation for the overall company culture. They help guide decisions and actions and act as a moral compass for the team. Company values attract individuals who share our vision and help with building trust and credibility with clients.

Realizing the importance of these factors is what encouraged Kisi to define our own values. We wanted to learn more about what inspired our team about the Kisi mission, what was keeping employees part of our team, and what would help establish us as a dependable key partner to our clients.

We ran a company-wide survey and after receiving back and sorting through many responses, there were four recurring qualities that stood out the most: Forward, Human, Trusted, and Responsible. These values have become the cornerstones of Kisi’s culture. In this blog post we will highlight the value Forward and what that means for Kisi.

What does being forward mean? #

Being forward isn’t just a catchy buzzword. Living by and embracing company values requires active effort, but it allows us to shine through our work and communication and deliver a best-in-class product.

Embodying the value of Forward at Kisi means being proactive and innovative. It means constantly looking towards the future, embracing new trends, disrupting the status quo, and not being scared to try something new to reach a solution.

A company that is forward-thinking is not only able to keep up with change but gets to be a driving force in creating it. Kisi is not simply another player in the access control industry. We constantly strive to set new standards and pave the way.

To continue making sure our product aligns with our Forward value, the team keeps it as a primary focus with every update and design. Is this staying ahead of the industry and pushing the limit? Is it following emerging trends and keeping up with customer demands? Are we remaining at the forefront of technology?

We strive to craft a solution that is limitless but logical, innovative but user-friendly, and easy to implement. By keeping these efforts in mind, our team is able to continue delivering an award-winning product that only keeps getting better.

Forward in recruiting #

Our recruiting and hiring teams also search for Forward candidates when expanding our team. Do they take initiative? Can they think creatively and outside the box to push for new ideas?

Our colleagues see and value Forward in each other, so it is essential that new hires can exemplify it as well. The Kisi team is frequently shouting out colleagues that show innovative thinking, resilience in the face of a challenge, and dedication to keep moving forward no matter what.

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Having a company that values being Forward also fosters a growth mindset for all Kisi Krew members. Employees are encouraged to continue learning and developing their skills and pushing themselves to be constantly advancing. Ultimately this helps drive a collaborative environment where everyone feels empowered to do their best.

Going forward #

The value of being Forward is a key driver for Kisi’s success and progress in revolutionizing the access control industry. It is what keeps our team pushing ahead and able to embrace the future with open arms. In a world where change is constant, being forward is the only way to make sure you aren’t left behind.

Want to know what forward sounds like? Check out our forward Spotify playlist, crafted by our Digital Art Director, Oskar Huberhoff.

Kristen Peroni

Kristen is a recruiter at Kisi whose passion lies within helping others on their job search journey, building meaningful connections, and finding great candidates to join our rapidly growing team.

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