Use Groups to Automate Access Management

Grant or restrict access in seconds by leveraging our group access management.

Access Groups and Roles Management

Access Group Management

A Kisi Group is a predefined set of access permissions that is automatically applied to any user belonging to the group. When creating an access group you can then select among a variety of access permissions, including:

  • Which doors or elevator floors the users in the group have access to
  • Whether or not to activate a geofence restriction, a primary device restriction, or a Kisi reader restriction
  • Which types of credentials are enabled (app access, card access, web link access)

Setting up groups allows you to automate onboarding by adding new employees to relevant groups and to apply changes to the entire organization within seconds.

Roles Management

Kisi identifies different roles among users. This ranges from someone who should just be able to unlock the door, an office manager who needs visibility into the system without the need to change basic functions, to other administrators. Kisi makes it easy to authorize coworkers to distribute permissions and responsibilities to the right staff.

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