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Set granular access permissions and scale them to unlimited users using access groups.

Access Restriction

Types of Access Restrictions

Kisi allows you to set different types of restrictions to ensure that you have full control over who is accessing your space and when. Let’s take a look at the types of permissions and restrictions you can grant:

  • Place restriction: for multi-office organizations, this is the highest level of restriction, regulating users access to an entire facility.
  • Door/lock restriction: this allows you to grant access only to specific entry points within a certain space.
  • Elevator floor restriction: similarly to door/lock restrictions, you can allow only certain floors to be accessible to all or part of your users.
  • Group restriction: instead of setting restrictions to individual users, you can apply them to an entire group in order to automate processes and increase security.
  • Geofencing restriction: you can ensure that unlocks from the Kisi app can only take place when a user is within a certain distance from the door. The default distance is 300 meters but it can be customized by the admin.
  • Reader restriction: To make sure someone is really in front of the door when trying to unlock, this is the restriction to use. With Bluetooth built in, the Kisi Reader allows to “sense” whose phone is near and only allows unlocks from phones in immediate vicinity.
  • Primary device restriction: this ensures that users can use only one specific device for accessing your space. So if a user installs the Kisi app on a second device, for instance a tablet, they will not be able to use it when activated.
  • Time restrictions: you can grant or revoke access during specific time slots, which can be set on a recurring basis (for instance, Monday-Friday from 9AM to 6PM) or as one off events.

The restrictions listed can be applied to individual users, access groups, or specific entry points, giving you full control over the security setup you want to establish.

Access restrictions

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