Capacity Management

Maximize your space utilization with real-time occupancy insights

Capacity management as shown in the Kisi iOS app

Better space utilization with real-time insights.

Whether you are staying compliant with fire codes or want to have a precise headcount of everyone in your space, Kisi's Capacity Management feature helps you maximize space utilization without sacrificing security and safety.

Manage better with data.

Capacity Management updates your Kisi account with real-time space utilization data. How you determine occupancy is up to you: You can set an inactivity timer that will automatically move people out of occupancy if they are inactive for a certain amount of time, or you can install Kisi readers on both sides of your door to track in-out movement.

Setting manual capacity timeout in Kisi
You can manually set an inactivity timeout that will automatically remove users from your capacity count.

This data is automatically compiled in your Kisi dashboard, telling you the percentage of maximum capacity and compiling historical data to give insights into general utilization trends of your spaces.

How does it work?

There are two options for defining the occupancy of your spaces.

You can manually set an inactivity timer. This timer begins from the moment a user activates a Kisi access point. After the timer elapses (say, 5 hours) the user is presumed to no longer be in the space and is moved out of the occupancy count.

The second option gives you a more precise headcount. You can install in-out readers on both sides of the entries to your space that require users to use a Kisi access point to enter and exit the space. When they use the entry-side access point, they are moved into occupancy, and when they use the exit-side access point, they are moved out.

Use case: Avoiding visits from the fire marshal

Operating a space with a lot of different people moving in and out can quickly put you up against the fire safety codes of your facility. And no one wants a visit from the fire marshal.

Real-time capacity count in the Kisi dashboard
Your Kisi dashboard keeps track of the real-time capacity of your spaces.

Capacity management lets you set maximum occupancy for your spaces. The real-time space utilization data is shown as a percentage of your max occupancy, and Kisi will automatically notify you if you are approaching that number, allowing you to stay ahead of breaches of fire safety protocols.

Benefits of Capacity Management

  • Maintain fire safety compliance of your spaces
  • Know exactly who is in your space at any given moment
  • Real-time occupancy push notifications
  • Historical data to show occupancy trends and space utilization
  • Space utilization reporting
  • All easily viewed and managed in the Kisi app

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