Access Events in the Kisi Dashboard

See and filter access events by time, user, or access groups.

Event Log

See, Filter or Export Access Events

Within the Kisi dashboard you can see unlock events, as well as intrusion alerts (such as door forced open) in real-time. Administrators can access their event logs in just two simple steps from their Kisi dashboard, from a desktop, or mobile phone.

Access events can be searched by user, access group, or specific access point. For example, if an admin selects a specific door in the Kisi dashboard, they will be able to see the last 100 events (both locks and unlocks) that took place at that particular door, while for larger audits they can export up to 10,000 rows of historical events for the filter section.

Export Events in the Kisi Dashboard

Common Access Audit Use Cases

Analyzing access events can be useful for a variety or reasons, from monitoring space utilization to investigating incidents like tailgating, vandalism, intrusions, and break-ins. The simplicity of use, allows admins to visualize, filter, and export the events they are looking for from anywhere. On top of the access events list, the Kisi dashboard also offers a heat map of all unlock events, which can be insightful for top-level facility utilization monitoring.

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