In-and-Out Tracking

Use check-in and check-out functionality to track ins and outs.

In-and-Out Tracking

Combine Kisi Readers with identity-based access for price occupancy insights

Know exactly who is in your space when is a great benefit for any hybrid workspace. When you have a lot of users or different users coming into your space each day, keeping tabs on occupancy and capacity is paramount.

How does it work?

Kisi automatically gathers space utilization insights, including live capacity readings, occupancy trends, and entry restrictions when at max capacity. To ensure the accuracy of these features is precise, you can install Kisi Readers on both sides of your door, tracking exactly when a user enters and exits your space.

in-and-out tracking

Maximize your space utilization

The accurate occupancy data you gather from in-and-out tracking give you even deeper analytics and reporting within your Kisi dashboard. You can easily identify days with the most foot traffic, or when most of your staff leaves the office for lunch.

Unlocking a Kisi Reader Pro with a smartphone

This depth of data can be used to better plan office layouts, hardware needs, and even schedules. In-and-out tracking with Kisi eliminates the guesswork in space, occupancy, and security planning.

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