Intrusion Alerts With Kisi

Set alerts for when a door is held open or forced open.

Intrusion Alerts

Stay in Control Anytime, Anywhere

Kisi’s built-in alerts feature allows admins to be notified anytime an unauthorized access may be taking place, and more specifically whenever a door is held open or forced open. There are different ways you can manage alerts:

  • You can see the alerts in Kisi’s dashboard as well as on mobile or the Kisi web app
  • You can have an operator review them
  • Sync with popular system logging software like Splunk, Sumo Logic, or Kibana thanks to the Kisi API.
Intrusion Alerts with Kisi

Enhanced Security With Visual Audit Trails

The alerts feature is even more powerful for companies that connect Kisi to a video surveillance system. Thanks to the integration with security cameras, you can instantly review visual snapshots associated with the specific event and investigate potential security breaches or unauthorized accesses.

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