Remote Access Sharing

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Easy Access Sharing

Share Access With Anyone, Anywhere

As more and more teams embrace remote work, in-person access sharing is a thing of the past. With Kisi, you can share access within seconds from both the mobile app and our web dashboard. Just add the email of the person you want to share access with and include the level of access permissions, including time restrictions and entry points they will have access to. For an even faster process, you can remotely add new users to an existing group, so that the access permissions will automatically match those defined for that specific group.

Remote Management Made Easy

Kisi allows you not only to share access remotely, but to manage your entire facility by monitoring access events, monitoring the health status of the system and even unlocking doors remotely. Kisi is built as an IT grade solution that empowers you to fully manage your physical security stack from the cloud, and we think this is the only way forward. You can find more information about our software here.

Share access remotely with Kisi

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