Get started with Kisi mobile access

If your organization’s admin already granted you access, you can download and set up the Kisi app and start using mobile access right away. If you do not have those permissions set up yet, get in touch with your administrator.

Download Kisi's Mobile App

Unlock the door with your phone via Bluetooth on iOS or NFC on Android.

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kisi app reviews

Kisi is awesome. So easy to use.

- Joel Clelland

Innovative product, seamless door entry experience, world class customer support

- limedude12

I love how I can open the doors remotely for others!! Very easy to use.

- Luz Zapata

Remarkably quick and reliable access

- Pathrep

I love the convenience and easy use of this app!

- Shuga123

Super fast! Almost zero loading time and easy set up.

- Peter

This app is so convenient!!!!

- Sman139

As stated, this app is the champ of unlocking doors from your phone. Swipe right and you’re in.

- mfmfmfm

Super convenient and always works when I am close to the door.

- Raya Rashna

By far the best access control system!

- Bradley Cooper

Once set up, Kisi is great!! Really easy to use.

- Joel Clelland

Awesome product for your office.

- Tania Colon

So convenient safe and secure.

- Claudia Abrego

Forget your keys at home, Kisi makes everything easy

- ehxhxbcbsbsjxjxkxk

It's worked seamlessly every time.

- Kristin Angelino

Great app!!!

- Nathanjmorton

Works great and makes me feel like a baller when I use it

- Flex Percetion

Great experience. super fast and convenient.

- hamza Katende

Very easy to manage. The app is very easy to use, especially for new employees we onboard.

- Brandie Prado

Really enjoy it.

- Simmec

So convenient to use

- Jonica Rowland

Very easy to setup. Would love to use the Apple Watch to unlock the door

- Luo11

My coworking place uses this and I love it. Super efficient.

- shamess

Works great

- Howard Kellogg

It’s futuristic, cool and easy to use

- FartNinja

Love how when I go out for a run all I need to bring is my phone. Great app works every time

- llp234