Here’s the importance of security in the workplace and why you need to know it

Paying compensation, recovering from loss, and business interruption losses are critical aspects related to the importance of workplace security.

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What Are the Various Aspects of Workplace Security?

There are various aspects of physical security in the workplace; we are going to expand upon a few very important ones, as given below.

workplace security
‍Having workplace security is especially important to your business

Physical Access Control

This is one of the most important aspects of preventive security measures taken at the workplaces across the globe. The workplace security should be robustly controlled through ID based physical restriction for unauthorized access to the workplace or assets of the company. You can employ different physical security access controls for strong security in the workplace, such as manual controls and computer based automatic controls.

Physical Surveillance

This is a very powerful tool to maintain a high level of security in the workplace. It is also very useful to be used as the preventive security measures as well as incident tracking mechanisms. A robust surveillance helps to strengthen workplace security in real time environments. The monitoring of critical points such as entrance, exit, IT rooms, critical data center and others should be fully monitored through robust CCTV surveillance systems.

Security Lighting & Alarm System

Security lighting is very important aspects of a robust workplace security. It is not only helpful for surveillance system, but also used for manual guarding and light interruption systems to take preventive security measures at the workplace. The security alarm system is much needed for preempting any security breach or malicious activity.

Badges & Tokens

The badges and tokens are used to differentiate the internal and external peoples so that a proper surveillance and monitoring can be used more effectively. Normally, this is very useful for the large workplace security areas.

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Why Are These Aspects Important for Your Business?

All of above security aspects are very critical for safeguarding the valuable information, assets and people from any kind of damage, theft or loss. According to a survey conducted by Small Biz Trends, as much as 5% retention of the customers can increase the profit margins of the company ranging from 25% to 95%. A robust workplace security environment improves the efficiency and productivity of the company, which directly impact on the customer satisfaction and consequently the customer retention.

A comprehensive workplace security is very important because it will reduce liabilities, insurance, compensation and other social security expenses to be paid by the company to the stakeholders. Thus, you increase your business revenue and reduce the operational charges that incur on your business budgets.

How Should You Go About Starting Each Aspect of Workplace Security?

All workplace security aspects are required by different regulatory organizations such as OSHA, ISO, PCI and others. You can take the following steps to get started about those security aspects:

  • Evaluate and assess the security needs of your workplace
  • Devise a comprehensive policy to cover all of the above aspects
  • Consult with regulatory consultants or contractors to add recommendations from the regulatory organizations
  • Get entire aspects installed through third party contractors based on the agreed scope of work
  • Get the system tested and verified as per requirements
  • Commission the system for real world operations
  • Keep maintaining the systems as per workplace security policy

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