Intercoms and Doorbells

We explore various types of intercoms including video intercoms, the different types of doorbell and how to choose one that suits your security needs.

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The types of intercoms and doorbells we see people using are a wide range and typically you first have to decide on a certain type of intercom:

1. Single unit intercom - one doorbell and one receiver

2. Multi tenant intercom - multiple options to ring different tenants

After that you can choose the doorbell technology:

1. Dial-in intercom - Dials intercoms or phones connected via phone lines. Doorking is a very popular Dial-in intercom provider.

2. Audio intercom - You are mainly looking for talking with the visitor, no need for video. Look at AiPhone, they have great basic intercoms.

3. Video intercom - Seeing who is at the door is great for unexpected visitors or deliveries. A must have for a busy office.

4. Touch screen intercom - The fancy modern version of intercom. Often used for indoor applications because of vandalism.

Single-unit audio

You just want to talk to the visitor standing in front of your door. They ring the doorbell and you answer at the audio station. That's it, simple!

Kisi's opinion: Don't just look at basic wired solutions, there are great wireless basic door chimes which don't have audio functionality but at least you know someone is waiting!

Single-tenant wireless video intercom

Ring wireless doorbell

An entry level intercom system that is great for a small business office are actually more advanced smart home intercoms. They are perfect for the same use-case you have at home. Someone shows up at the door to deliver something. You have a handful of visitors a day and can respond to those requests from your phone.

Kisi's opinion: You can start out on a Ring Doorbell and be happy with it. However for stability, image quality and sound clarity you should go higher end on the pricing scale.

Single-tenant wired video intercom

We are talking about going higher end video intercom here. Stable video quality, high quality sound and fast transmission of video. More advanced functions and individual architectural styles. Siedle is an amazing yet pricey option for advanced video systems.

Kisi's opinion: Mostly designed by architects, they love to choose Siedle for your project. If you want to be on the lower budget end side, look at Comelit.

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Multi-tenant dial-in

Video Intercoms

This product rarely makes it's way into the modern office. Mostly found in residential multi-family environments this intercom allows for ringing individual tenants via their phone.

Kisi's opinion: Mostly chosen by landlords for their utility functional character, these intercoms can get pricey because you have to pay for each phone line!

Multi-tenant video intercom

Video Intercoms
Aiphone multi-tenant intercom sold by 123 security

This is what you will find installed at most standard office buildings - a simple yet efficient system to ring the doorbell at the tenant. Again, higher end brands like Siedle are typically custom specified into the project, so it's worth getting in touch directly with the manufacturer to discuss your needs.

Kisi's opinion: Definitely something we see many offices equipped with - however it is typically bought by the landlord.

Touchscreen smart intercom

Video Intercoms
‍ButterflyMX smart touchscreen intercom

The most modern version of the intercom system - touchscreen intercoms. Great to make a good first impression and can be highly customized with different looks and requires less effort to re-program.

Kisi's opinion: If you are not afraid of vandalism, that's a great option!

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