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Kisi x Cisco Meraki Camera Integration

Kisi’s integration with Cisco Meraki cameras gives you a unified physical security solution with a complete visual audit trail. You can augment your access point security with Cisco Meraki cameras to create a cohesive, secure platform that increases the safety and accessibility of your locations.

360° visibility

Kisi integrates with all models of MV line Meraki cameras. Once implemented, the integration syncs uses of Kisi endpoints with nearby Meraki cameras to provide a more in-depth, cohesive recording of every access point event, from day-to-day entries to intrusions.

Cisco Meraki camera event log in Kisi.
The video event log in the Kisi dashboard.

This means more informative, single-pane-of-glass control logs for improved auditing and issue resolution.

How it works

Kisi enables you to link your Cisco Meraki cameras to the relevant access point of your space, connecting your Kisi Readers with visual data provided by your cameras. The integration takes less than five minutes to implement, is free, and doesn’t require any license changes from Kisi or Cisco Meraki.

Kisi event dashboard with Cisco Meraki camera integration
An example of an event log in the Kisi dashboard with the Cisco Meraki camera integration active.

Kisi automatically syncs snapshots from your Cisco Meraki cameras at the time the Kisi access device was used. Five to nine snapshots are taken leading up to the access point event, and the credential information, time, door, and camera snapshots are automatically logged together in your Kisi dashboard.

Example use-case: Investigating unauthorize access

An administrator was recently alerted by Kisi about a failed unlock. After jumping into Kisi’s event log, the admin can easily see the door that was accessed and the user that attempted to open it, along with a time-stamp and alert message. With the Cisco Meraki integration, the administrator can also quickly verify the person trying to unlock the door matches the credentials being used.

Kisi's event history log
Kisi's Event History log, where important data points are logged regarding every access point event.


  • Unify your physical security endpoints in one dashboard
  • Improve activity logs and audits with visual snapshots
  • Add more context to security-related events
  • Allow admins to more easily resolve issues
  • Enforce proper use of credentials
  • Easily manage camera and door assignments
  • Real-time alerts for held-open and forced-open events
  • Complete visibility for tailgating and other events


  • Cisco Meraki camera hardware
  • Kisi account
  • Compatible with all models of Meraki cameras (MV line)

Navigate to Kisi documentation for the integration guide.

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