cisco meraki

Cisco Meraki


Kisi’s integration with Cisco Meraki cameras gives you a unified physical security solution with a complete visual audit trail associated with door events.

Unleash the power of modern cloud-based technologies to make smart spaces a reality. Streamline your spaces with enabled SSO and increase the security, monitoring, and protection of your space - with unmatched visibility and control.


  • Enable our integrated solution with all models of the Meraki MV cameras
  • Quickly investigate video associated with door events in one dashboard
  • Storage for video footage that sticks to the audit trail
  • Informative, single-pane-of-glass control logs for improved auditing and issue resolution.
  • Easy implementation
  • Enforce proper use of access credentials



Cisco Meraki and Kisi partnership image
MV Meraki camera installed
Kisi Events Dashboard with video events

About our Partner

Cisco Meraki is world’s largest cloud networking platform. Converge IT, IoT, and physical environments to elevate the places where customers and employees come together. Meet the changing demands of your business without compromising reliability or security.

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