Kisi + Cisco Meraki Camera Integration

Kisi's integration with Cisco Meraki cameras provides five visual snapshots that enhance the audit trail for admins—directly on their Kisi dashboard. Companies can use the video functionality to verify access control logs for auditing and investigations.

Purpose of Integration

Review unlock events and receive visual snapshots of which user actually went through the door at the time of an unlock event—without searching for video footage. The camera integration provides five snapshots before and after unlock, forced-entry, or held-open door events.

Setting up the integration only take a few minutes. Admins can map specific cameras to doors.
The integration captures 5 visual snapshots for each door event.
Visual snapshots record unlock, held-open and forced-open door events.


  • Streamline activity logs and audits with visual snapshots
  • Provide additional context for security-related events
  • Visual feedback to enable administrators to resolve issues 
  • Administrators can assign/deassign cameras to/from doors
  • Enable your security staff to review events quicker, and validate who comes through the door with enriched video images 
  • Enforce the proper use of credentials 
  • Investigate tailgating situations
  • Avoid having to switch between access control and video system activity logs 
  • Enable real-time alerts for held-open and forced-open door events


  • Cisco Meraki camera hardware
  • Kisi account

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