With Cobot connected to Kisi, you can:

  • Easily issue smartphone keys to new members based on membership level
  • Instantly revoke a members access when they no longer pay for their membership
  • Monitor all the doors in your space from anywhere in the world
  • Get notifications when a member access your space after normal business hours
  • Provide 24/7 access to coworking members via Kisi

(For those who would like to know more, here's a full software review on Cobot.)

Step-by-step Integration Tutorial

As for those who would like to know how the setup will be like, we've run through the process in this video.

Main Highlights

1) What you'll begin with -- an empty group where members in Cobot will be imported

cobot integration

2) Generating the API token for integration to take place

cobot integration

3) Initializing the integration with Cobot

cobot integration

Navigate to Kisi documentation for the integration guide.

Save time.

Enhance security.

Modernize your access control with remote management and useful integrations.

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  • Get a tailored solution for your use case

  • Start unlocking with Kisi in a matter of days

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