DoorBird IP Video Door Station

Connect DoorBird with your Kisi system to see who is at the front door and grant them access from anywhere.

How to Install

Kisi + Doorbird PRO Integration

Visitor Management With IP Video Intercom Made Easy

Connect DoorBird with your Kisi system to see who is at the front door and grant them access from anywhere.

You can directly unlock the door via Kisi in the Doorbird App:


Functionality Video

In this video you’ll see someone ringing the doorbell (making a bird-like sound) and then the Doorbird App triggers the Kisi device to unlock the door.

In this other clip, you'll see one of Doorbird's account managers discussing the product and integration:

With DoorBird connected to Kisi, you can:

  • See, speak, and grant access to visitors on your smartphone or tablet
  • Unlock your door from anywhere in the world
  • Automate your front desk with a virtual receptionist and answering service
  • Create a safe and synchronized security system within your office
  • Visually authenticate visitors and track unlock logs in Kisi

Step-by-Step Guide: Kisi + DoorBird

First, if you have the Kisi App and Doorbird App installed on your phone, you need to set up the integration on the Doorbird App. Click on “Settings,” then click on the device name listed on top of the page under “Devices” and scroll down to the “Smartlocks” section.


Next, make sure to select “Kisi Controller (API integration) :

select Kisi Controller (API integration)

Finally, authenticate with your Kisi username and password:

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