Equiem Flex

Integrating your SpaceOS workspace management system with Kisi access control will create a simplified way to keep tabs on who comes and goes in your workspace. Change access settings for individual members or employees, customize access for each person using your space, and manage office capacity for flexible workspaces without any fuss.

Purpose of the Integration

This integration helps workspace administrators control office occupancy with ease. From using just one dashboard to manage both your workspace permissions and access control to automatically issuing keys to your space through the Kisi app, controlling who has access to your space has never been more painless. Kisi’s integration with SpaceOS will allow flexible workspaces, from coworking spaces to flexible offices, to keep track of how occupants are using their space. Your SpaceOS directory will sync automatically with Kisi to give you instant control over who enters your workspace and when, and can even control access within your space, like meeting rooms, dedicated private offices, and phone booths.


  • Ensure keys are revoked from members or employees when necessary
  • Give access to multiple workspace locations from one key or the Kisi app
  • Automate onboarding and off-boarding processes
  • In coworking spaces and shared spaces, monetize on access to meeting rooms, private offices, and phone booths with access control
  • Extend opening hours to 24/7, with less worry about safety and security
  • Access control permissions sync automatically with bookings made through SpaceOS
  • Easily manage comings and going of a flexible work environment
  • Collect more data about how your space is used, like when it’s the most crowded
  • Manage office capacity through access control that works seamlessly with your booking process


  • A Kisi account
  • A SpaceOS account