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Gym admins will love how seamlessly Kisi and Exercise.com work together, from managing member check in to increasing safety for members and staff. By simply unlocking a door to your facility through their Kisi app, members will automatically be checked in through exercise.com.

Purpose of Integration

Add value to your gym by connecting your existing Exercise.com gym management system with Kisi’s cloud-based access control system, allowing you to automate member check-in and provide a premium experience. With effortless synchronization between your Exercise.com gym management system and Kisi, controlling member access based on your custom membership packages will be a breeze. This makes it easier than ever to offer extended hours to certain members and customize access based on your client’s needs.


  • Increase revenue by giving members 24/7 access to your facility
  • Synch your custom membership plans with Kisi Access Groups to tailor access permissions based on membership status
  • In just seconds, grant visitor access through your dashboard by issuing a one day pass for trial workouts or guest trainers
  • Streamline the incident investigation management process with Kisi’s Events Export, a feature that allows you to export the last 10,000 access-related events
  • Your Kisi directory automatically syncs with your Exercise.com member directory to make onboarding new members much easier
  • Integrate your Kisi x Exercise.com system with your security cameras for additional security event information
  • Automatically revoke access to non-paying members
  • Have more control over who checks in, who checks out, and when
  • Use Kisi x Exercise.com advantages as a marketing tool to attract premium members by offering extended hours of use, automatic check-in, and the ability to check-in from any smart device


  • Kisi account
  • Exercise.com account

Navigate to Kisi documentation for the integration guide.