Kisi x Glofox Integration

Get more from your gym management software through Kisi’s integration with Glofox. This integration connects your Kisi-managed entry points with your member management within Glofox, bringing member check-ins and security management together.

Seamless, secure member experiences

Kisi’s integration with Glofox empowers you to control what areas of your facility your members gain access to, while automatically checking them in whenever they use a Kisi access device.

Kisi access control gives your members a frictionless entry experience, requiring only their phone instead of easily forgotten cards or fobs. Customizable user and group-level access controls allow you to easily grant members access to your facilities based on membership level while providing a modern-day user experience. Since all of this is managed automatically, you can operate a 24/7 facility with fewer or no staff.

How it works

Connecting your Glofox account to Kisi is as simple as adding the integration within your Kisi dashboard. Once completed, you can customize access point permissions based on the user information within your Glofox account, letting you grant access by user or by membership level.

Kisi's integration with Glofox
Linking your Kisi and Glofox account is as simple as filling out a few fields and creating permission groups.

All activities are automatically logged within your Kisi control center, giving you the visibility you needed to measure occupancy, growth, and usage of your facilities, all while maintaining a secure environment.

Example use-case: Better member benefits

A gym has three membership tiers: basic, premium, and all-access. Basic gives access to the exercise equipment, premium adds amenities like tanning beds and massage chairs, and all-access grants members access to classes, massage therapists, and other special recovery offerings.

A Kisi Reader at each door allows the gym admin to grant access to these facilities based on the appropriate membership level, even controlling what time of day the doors can be unlocked. This provides members with a frictionless, seamless experience when taking advantage of membership benefits.


  • Increase revenue with 24/7 access and streamlined amenities
  • Automatically grant access and permissions based on membership levels
  • Grant one-day passes in seconds
  • Investigate incidents and audit access events easily using Kisi’s Events Export
  • Glofox directory automatically syncs with Kisi, streamlining new member onboarding
  • Easily integrate security cameras into your Kisi systems
  • Automatically revoke access to non-paying members


  • Kisi account
  • Glofox account

Navigate to Kisi documentation for the integration guide.

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