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Kisi x Gymflow Integration

Connect your Gymflow account to Kisi to unlock a load of new benefits. This includes allowing your admins to easily synchronize Kisi access control with member check-in. Whenever one of your members successfully unlocks a door to your facility, Kisi will automatically check the user in with Gymflow.

Purpose of Integration

Gymflow’s integration with Kisi adds value to your gym by connecting our cloud-based access control system with your Gymflow gym management system, making it easier than ever to control access based on membership plans and automate the check-in and check-out process for members. That’s not all, though: Adding Kisi also enables you to extend your operating hours and make your space available 24/7 for your customers without compromising on safety.


Some of the benefits you’ll have when you integrate Gymflow with your Kisi system include:

  • Sync your unique membership plans with Kisi Access Groups to customize access permissions
  • Allow for 24/7 access to some (or all) members and boost your revenue
  • Grant visitor access through your dashboard
  • Streamline the incident investigation management process with Kisi’s Events Export
  • Integrate your Kisi x Gymflow system with security cameras
  • Your Gymflow directory automatically syncs with your Kisi directory for improved onboarding
  • Automatically revoke access non-paying members
  • Have more control over who checks in and checks out
  • Use Kisi x Gymflow advantages as a marketing tool to attract premium members like extended hours of use with automatic check-in


  • Kisi account
  • Gymflow account

Navigate to Kisi documentation for the integration guide.

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