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Easily unlock your Metra Smart Lockers using the Kisi App or the same badge activated to access your facility. Manage bookings, prevent locker squatters, and capture valuable data insights based on usage.


- Enable mobile credentials to secure your smart locker

- Implement unified access across your office and smart lockers

- Activate secure drop-off for Parcel and Package deliveries

- Unlock using your phone and Apple Watch


- Metra Smart Lockers

- Active Kisi subscription


Touchscreen with phone unlock using Metra Smart Lockers
Hybrid Workplace Smart Locker Design Metra
Metra Smart Locker Design

About our Partner

Transform your smart locker experience with Metra Smart Lockers. Metra's smart locker design enhances user experience and provides valuable usage insights. By combining thoughtful design, sophisticated technology, and a user-centric experience, Metra creates a beautiful and functional locker that brings joy to the user while capturing data on usage.

Integrate Metra Lockers and Kisi to easily book, open, and access your workplace with the same badge that unlocks your smart locker.

Save time.

Enhance security.

Modernize your access control with remote management and useful integrations.

  • Connect with a Kisi expert in 24 hours

  • Get a tailored solution for your use case

  • Start unlocking with Kisi in a matter of days

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