The Nexudus integration with Kisi allows you to instantly grant coworking members access to the appropriate areas of the space based on their membership tier or price plan, eliminating the need to make and track access cards and physical keys.

Purpose of Integration

With the Nexudus integration, you can map membership tiers to different levels of Kisi access. When members check into a facility using Nexudus, the Kisi app will automatically control which areas they have access to, allowing managers greater control over the physical space. Enabling the Kisi and Nexudus integration paves the way to more streamlined member management while prioritizing the security and safety of your space.


  • Grant your memberships automatic access to your space when they sign up
  • Ensure keys are instantly revoked when a membership is canceled
  • Create new membership tiers based on the time users access your space
  • Allow members to access multiple locations from one application
  • Automate the onboarding and offboarding process of all your members


  • Nexudus Spaces account
  • Kisi account

Using Kisi with white-label Passport by Nexudus

You can start using the white-label Passport app to unlock doors as seen in the screenshot below.

Screenshot showing the usage of Kisi with white-label Passport by Nexudus

Navigate to Kisi documentation for the integration guide.

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