Connect your coworking memberships in Nexudus to your doors with Kisi. Automatically grant new members access to your space so you can speed up onboarding and offboarding from your favorite access management system.

With the Kisi and Nexudus integration, you can map memberships to levels of Kisi access. This is how you can control which members can access which doors.

The Kisi - Nexudus integration has seamless onboarding of new paid members and seamless offboarding of old members when they have cancelled.

It has relieved admins from having to buy access cards, make cards, meet with each member to distribute them, and collect the cards when the members have cancelled.

Access cards also can be shared with non members, they can get lost, or forgotten at home. They are a pain. You can restrict Kisi to each members device.

(For those who would like to know more, here's a full software review of Nexudus.)

With Nexudus connected to Kisi, you can specifically:

  • Connect your memberships to keys to your space
  • Ensure keys are instantly revoked when a memership is cancelled
  • Create new membership tiers based on time they can access your space
  • Allow members to access multiple locations from one application
  • Automate the onboarding and offboarding process of all your members

What makes Nexudus unique:

White-labelling is a big part of what spaces value about the tool, specially more corporate operators where having their own brand throughout the system is critical. People sometimes call Nexudus the Android of the coworking management tools while other providers are more like the iOS. Nexudus may not be the prettiest but you can hack around every part and configure pretty much anything so, when it comes to connect it to other services and make it look and behave the way you want, we really stand out.

There is also an ecosystem of coworking apps. For members, to install outside the rooms in tablets, to accept and register visitors, members and event attendees. Also connections with a lot of the key services, like access control, wifi management, printing and accounting are built right in and really comprehensive API to extend the system beyond that.

Payment automation is critical to most spaces, including ancillary charges like printing, bookings and F/B used during the month and considering any credits made available to members. We have now a relation with over 100 payment providers in over 40 countries, including Direct Debit in the whole of Europe and ACH in the US and parts of Canada, which considerably drop the transaction costs.

Step-by-step Integration Tutorial

This video shows you how the Kisi - Nexudus integration process works.


With this integration, you will be able to increase revenue streams by creating different membership plans and map their membership to their access level.

Main Highlights

1) You might have time passes in your Nexudus account shown below
kisi nexudus integration

2) This video shows you how to generate the API token and activate the integration
kisi nexudus integration

3) Each type of time pass is now tied to a Kisi group where their access levels will be enforced -- no more squatters!
kisi nexudus integration

Head over for the video to see how the integration can be done!

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