Improve your hybrid workspace management software through Kisi’s integration with Nibol. This integration let you manage access to specific areas of your office only to employees who book a desk via Nibol.

Give access with no extra effort

Kisi’s integration with Nibol allows you to control what areas of your building your employees get access to, based on their Nibol booking and Kisi permissions.

How it works

Nibol integration allows you to integrate Kisi access with Nibol reservations. When you associate a Nibol Building with a Kisi Group, your employees will receive the access grant of that group when they make a reservation in the related building.

Nibol Interface

The grant will be only for the day they made a reservation and you have daily control of your office accesses.

Example use-case: Increase office security

A company has different types of spaces and access to some of them is allowed only to specific members. These spaces could be the server rooms, the hr section, or even the entire leadership floor.

A Kisi Reader at each door allows the company admin to grant access to these spaces only to specific members, organized in Kisi’s groups. Plus, with Nibol, only members who made a valid booking for a specific day can enter those spaces.


Automatically grant access and permissions based on a valid booking for a specific day and time

Automatically revoke access to leavers


  • A Kisi account
  • A Nibol account