Optix + Kisi Integration

Integrate Kisi door access with the Optix platform, and automatically share access to your coworking space with new members. Provide the best coworking experience right from the start with Kisi's door access integration.

Purpose of Integration

Optix was designed to streamline the workload for coworking managers while providing members an effortless way to engage with their space and community. With the Kisi and Optix integration, managers can automate all of the tedious processes required to secure and monitor access to the physical space. Kisi’s intuitive mobile app can eliminate the need for office key cards or fobs, preventing unauthorized access and wasted expense and time for coworking administrators.


  • Create custom access plans or ‘groups’ that correspond with specific tiers of membership or pricing plans
  • Grant access for custom time periods according to the user’s needs (e.g. 9 to 5 vs. 24/7)
  • Automatically grant/revoke access when you change a user's membership status
  • Track door entry and exit statistics to better understand who uses your space and when

Use cases

Goosecup leveraged Optix and Kisi to streamline its operations: read the case study here.


  • Kisi account
  • Optix Groups plan

For those who would like to know more, here's a full software review on Optix

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