RecDesk Integration with Kisi

What is RecDesk?

RecDesk is The Leader in easy-to-use Recreation Management Software. Our cloud-based platform radically simplifies the way recreation organizations work with and manage the information that is important to them. From Program and Membership Management to Facility Scheduling, League Management and Point-of-Sale Solution, RecDesk provides an end-to-end solution for recreation organizations of all shapes and sizes.

With RecDesk connected to Kisi, you can:

- Assign Kisi Cards to your RecDesk members
- Set Access Groups for Memberships to determine which facilities/doors a member can access.
- Actively enrolled members will have access during the duration of their membership.
- Record Check-ins in RecDesk when a member is granted access to a facility
- Access can be granted or revoked at any time directly through RecDesk

Next steps

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