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Kisi’s integration with Rippling gives users one more way to manage their office through Rippling’s comprehensive office management system. Not only will you be able to use Rippling to manage onboarding and off-boarding employees, but now your directory will sync with Kisi automatically to simplify access control in your office.

Purpose of the Integration

Rippling’s integration with Kisi further simplifies administrative tasks like giving new employees access to your office and certain areas within it while securing your space from access-based threats. When you add an employee to Rippling, remove them, or even change their status within the system, Kisi will update its own directory to match access permissions appropriately. This ensures employees can access any space they need, even across multiple locations.


  • Grant instant access to employees directly from your Rippling CRM dashboard
  • Keep your space open 24/7 without compromising on safety and security
  • Allow employees access to multiple locations without needing multiple keys
  • Automate onboarding, off-boarding, and any changes in employee status
  • Revoke access to ex-employees automatically when they’re removed from your directory


  • A Kisi account
  • A Rippling account

Navigate to Kisi documentation for the integration guide.