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Make smart space management even smarter, through Kisi’s integration with Skedda. This integration connects your Kisi-managed entry points with your Skedda space-management system, bringing automated booking management and seamless access control together.

Purpose of the Integration

Skedda is the world’s leading space-scheduling platform that removes the hassle of manually managing the booking and scheduling of your spaces. The perfect booking solution for your rooms, desks, studios, labs, courts and more, Skedda leverages smart automations and endless customizability to eliminate space-management headaches for good.

Using Skedda for bookings and Kisi for access control allows for a fully-automated environment. Give your users time-and-space-specific access based on their Skedda bookings. Kisi ensures that your spaces are accessible when they’re booked, and locked when they’re not!


  • Create secure, entirely-automated facilities
  • Boost efficiency by removing manual processes related to facility-and-access management, saving time and money
  • Eliminate user hassle by ensuring that their access to your spaces is guaranteed, every time, when they make their bookings with Skedda
  • Have the flexibility to choose what to do with your Kisi locks and when. For example…
    • Unlock the door for any amount of time related to the booking (first few seconds, duration of the booking, the entire day) or send specific access links
    • Provide access to specific spaces
    • See who shows up for their Skedda booking with Kisi’s entry logs


  • Skedda venue account with Integrations add-on
  • Zapier account with access to Premium apps (Starter or higher)