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Splunk Data Analytics for Kisi

Integrate Kisi and Splunk to visualize trends in your physical access data logs, and track user behavior analytics at your space. Meet compliance standards for long-term access log retention.

Purpose of Integration

Splunk is the Data-to-Everything Platform that turns data into action, tackling the toughest IT, IoT, security and data challenges. By integrating Kisi with Splunk, access a new dimension of data analytics for physical security at your space.


  • Compliance for long term access log retention - Stay compliant for SOC2 and PCI event audits
  • Easier alerting within Splunk (For example, when a door is held open for an extended period of time, or forced open - alerts data will be sent to Splunk)
  • Trend mapping and other visualizations within Splunk (For example, if an auditor or HR wants to know who went into the network closet in the past 90 days)
  • User behavior analytics - track physical access with software based access


  • Splunk account and software
  • Kisi account

Navigate to Kisi documentation for the integration guide.

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