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Give your members a better safer experience by integrating Kisi’s access control system in your TeamUp account.

About TeamUp and Kisi: A better safer membership experience in your gym

Kisi’s integration with TeamUp enables you to set up security checkpoints at your facility using Kisi devices. Fitting your facility with entry points provides your members with secure experience and gives you more control over membership management and who enters your facility and when.

Using Kisi with your TeamUp account, you can customize user access based on membership types and upcoming registrations. Members can enter using a Kisi access device or the Kisi mobile app at their permitted times taking away the need for manual check-in admin before or after a session.

How it works

Connecting your TeamUp account to Kisi is a seamless process you can do right from within your TeamUp account. Once you have made a Kisi account you’ll be able to customise access and an access duration timeframe to your membership types to enable easy facility entrance from your TeamUp app. You have full control to manage and update your members’ access at any time and can use your reports to monitor growth, attendance, and usage in real time.

Example use-case: Easier entry based on your memberships

Your studio has three types of memberships, unlimited, class packs, and one to one appointments. Unlimited allows members to register for any and all classes and enjoy open gym hours. Class packs permit members to only attend the allotted number of classes assigned to their pack. One to one appointments include specific hours members can sign up for in advance to meet with their trainer or coach.

Using a Kisi reader installed at the front door, you can customise different access times for each of these types of memberships, controlling when a member with one or multiple of these memberships can enter their facility. This means that you can provide your members with easy entry before or after the start of their class and is especially beneficial to businesses that have an open gym policy, want to give their members 24/7 access, or want to provide an extra layer of security and accessibility to their facilities.


  • Automatically control access and permissions in your facility
  • Easily provide access based on membership types
  • Quickly grant temporary or day pass access using the Kisi app to customers who purchase a single-drop in prior to a class
  • Immediate updates to each system to enable accessibility in real-time
  • Streamlined communication between the apps to easily manage data, members, and onboarding
  • Better security for your facility and your members
  • Enhanced technology to reduce unnecessary facility costs
  • Restrictions to prevent unpermitted access and entry to non-paying or blocked members


  • Kisi account
  • TeamUp account

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