Windows Azure Active Directory (AD)

Grant physical access to your employees automatically by syncing your employee database on the Azure Active Directory with Kisi.

Purpose of Integration

Share and revoke physical office access automatically, straight from your Azure Active Directory.

Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based Identity as a Service (IDaaS) platform that provides identity and access management features for users and groups in an organization. By integrating your Azure Active Directory with Kisi, empower your employees with both digital and physical access to the office efficiently. 

Once the integration is set up, new users will automatically populate Kisi's pre-defined access groups. Users get an email notifying them that they have been granted access, along with simple onboarding instructions. As your team changes, the Azure Active Directory integration will automatically enroll and remove users from Kisi groups.

With automated user addition and deletions, manual operational mistakes can be reduced to a minimum. 


  • Synchronize employee details from Azure to Kisi in just a few clicks
  • Enable and remove employees physical access rights into the office automatically
  • Quick and easy roll out at multiple offices


  • Azure Active Directory 
  • Kisi App

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