Kisi Reader Pro

The revolutionary IP-based access control reader.

Kisi Reader
Opening Door with Kisi Reader

Sleek design that fits.

Superior technology that adds a modern touch to your space.

  • Clean appearance — Slim design in an elegant graphite gray housing.

  • Clear feedback — LED feedback enhancing the user experience.

  • Quality made in USA — Proudly manufactured in the U.S.

Listen to the users.

Users love Kisi as much as admins do. In fact, we’re the highest-rated access control solution on the market.

  • Hygienic — 100% touchless access.

  • Lightning fast — Unlock times averaging 0.3 seconds.

  • Flexible credentials — Unlock with smartphones, keycards, tags or fobs.

  • Robust performance — Works even when the company’s internet is down.

Kisi credentials
Kisi Reader

How does it work?

Finding the fastest route - Kisi Reader Pro uses an operating system to decide which communication channel to use based on what's available and fastest for the user.

Kisi Reader Pro is able to receive five different communication channels:

Internet connectivity

Wired internet

Wired internet

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Unlocking (In-App and Tap-to-Unlock)

nfc icon


bluetooth icon


Offline (Tap-to-Unlock)

SIM card icon

Phone cellular

Enhance your security.

The Reader Pro is setting new industry standards through its unique security features

Kisi Security
  • Embedded software security — Full PKI chain validation and protected storage.

  • OTA updates — Over-the-air updates which are RSA signed and AES encrypted.

  • Secure boot — The device can only run previously verified firmware.

Learn about security

Supports the old, welcomes the new.

Kisi Reader Pro facilitates a smooth transition as you modernize your systems.



Power Kisi Reader Pro using PoE (48V and 500mA) via CAT 6 cable.


Wire: CAT6

Power: PoE or PoE injector at 48V and 500mA

Internet: Wired via CAT6 and/or WiFi

Legacy cable

Legacy cable

Power Kisi Reader Pro using low voltage cable with 12-48 volts and connect to WiFi or wired internet via media converter.

Low Voltage

Wire: Low voltage

Power: Power supply via AUX input 12V DC

Internet: Wired and/or WiFi

Decentralized Installation

Kisi Reader Pro does not need to connect to the access control box. It just needs the internet and power. For optimum performance, use PoE and place the reader on the same LAN as the access control box.

How it works

Kisi Reader Pro specifications


Height: 5.8"

Width: 2.95"

Depth: 1.65"

Color: graphite grey



Kisi Reader

Experience the future of access control