Reader Pro 2

The next evolution of access control.

Kisi Reader pro 2
Kisi Reader pro 2

Minimalist design. Outstanding tech.

Superior hardware that adds a modern touch to your space.

  • Sleek design — A slim, black unibody housing with a gentle touch of light fits into any aesthetic.

  • Clear feedback — Frictionless user experience with clear device feedback.

  • Built to last — Waterproof, dustproof and equipped with tamper sensors to detect vandalism.

  • Flexible fit — Made to fit even the slimmest door frames in any environment.

  • Quality made in USA — Proudly manufactured in the U.S.

Unrivaled user experience.

We’re the highest-rated access control solution on the market, and we work hard to keep it that way with user-first features.

  • Hygienic — 100% touchless access with MotionSense, our touchless sensor technology.

  • Lightning fast — Unlock faster, in as little as 0.3 seconds.

  • Accurate — Know exactly when you unlock a door.

  • Flexible — Unlock how you want with smartphones, Kisi passes, legacy keycards, tags, or fobs.

  • Robust performance — Works even if the internet is down.

Kisi reader pro 2
Kisi Reader pro 2

Easier set up than ever.

Migrating to Kisi has never been so simple and convenient.

  • Keep your current key cards or use your building cards.

  • Enroll existing key cards in seconds.

  • Reduce installation costs with Wiegand compatibility.

How does it work?

Finding the fastest route - Kisi Reader Pro 2 uses an operating system to decide which communication channel to use based on what's available and fastest for the user.

Kisi reader components

Kisi Reader Pro 2 is able to receive six different communication channels:

Internet connectivity



wifi icon


Wiegand wire

Wiegand wire


nfc icon


bluetooth icon


Offline (Tap-to-Unlock)

SIM card icon

Phone cellular

Introducing MotionSense

Taking touchless technology to the next level. No need to fish your phone out of a pocket or purse. Just wave your hand in front of the reader to unlock the door.

Secure by design

The Reader Pro 2 is setting new industry standards through its unique security features.

Kisi reader channels kisi led
  • Embedded software security — Full PKI chain validation and protected storage.

  • OTA updates — Over-the-air updates which are RSA signed and AES encrypted.

  • Secure boot — The device can only run previously verified firmware.

Learn about security

Product specifications


Height: 4.84" (12.3 cm)

Width: 1.97" (5.0 cm)"

Depth: 0.59" (1.49 cm)



Kisi reader pro 2

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