MARCH 12, 2021

Introducing 2FA for Tap to Unlock

Add another layer of security by requiring users to unlock their phones before unlocking the door.

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2FA for door access

Updated on March 16, 2021

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Kisi is taking physical security to a new level, adopting a new measure that will keep your facilities even more secure. When enabled, you can make it a requirement for users to unlock their phones before unlocking the door. This acts like a two-factor authentication (2FA) solution for your door access control.

Adding two-factor authentication protects you against data breaches and usage of stolen or lost phones and is typically used for data centers, server-, IT- or communication room doors. The idea is to set up 2FA specifically for the doors that you want to have extra security. You will be able to activate Two-Factor Authentication through the door settings page.

Activate 2FA in the Kisi Dashboard

This new feature works in conjunction with the tap-to-unlock method. When a user is about to unlock with their phone a door that has 2FA activated, a message will pop up on the phone screen notifying the user that it is mandatory to first unlock the phone in order to unlock the door.

The feature is available for both Android and iOS.

2FA door access

Once the phone is unlocked, the user needs to tap again and this time the door will unlock.

If the user has notifications turned off, they will see a pop-up message when they open the Kisi app. The message looks similar on both platforms.

2FA in-app notification

If an employee loses or has their phone stolen, this new measure prevents intruders from entering your facility, as they will not be able to unlock the phone. Of course, this feature is not mandatory and it can be fully customized through the Kisi dashboard, where you can define how each door behaves.

Other updates from Kisi

We now support SCIM 2.0

Customers using SSO can now implement SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management). SCIM 2.0 is currently available with Okta and OneLogin but our integration portfolio is constantly expanding. For more information, take a look at this article.

The Kisi Shop is live

You can now place orders for hardware and credentials directly on the Kisi Shop, which you can find in your dashboard menu. After placing an order, a sales representative will get in touch to confirm the shipping.

New integrations

We keep on expanding the Kisi ecosystem and our newest wave of integrations include Glofox and You can find the full list of integrations here.

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