JANUARY 02, 2024

Apple CarPlay support & strong NPS results

Explore the latest update: Apple CarPlay support, revamped Event History, and an amazing NPS score, reflecting strong support from our community.

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Kisi Apple Carplay support

Updated on January 02, 2024

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This holiday season, we're thrilled to announce our Apple CarPlay support, bringing an extra touch of magic to your access experience. Plus, we're delighted to share outstanding Net Promoter Score (NPS) results, reflecting the strong support and satisfaction from our amazing community.

Unlock doors directly from Apple CarPlay

Kisi Apple Carplay support is here

How convenient would it be to unlock the garage door straight from your car? With Kisi's new integration with Apple CarPlay you can do just that. Effortlessly unlock doors straight from your car display, enhancing safety on the fly. Once logged into Kisi on mobile, the Kisi icon automatically appears in CarPlay. Easily access a list of doors and tap to unlock, all without the need for remote controls or reaching for the iPhone.

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Easily follow every action in your organization with improved Event History

Redesigned Event history for better overview

To help Kisi admins quickly and clearly understand what’s going on in their Kisi environment, we enhanced the Event History view. The updated view categorizes events into Access events (e.g., a door unlock) and Audit events (e.g., a door creation). Admins can now:

  • Group related access events to see them in sequences
  • Seamlessly switch place to view events for another site
  • Effortlessly filter events and share filtered views with team members using the URL

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It’s official: Kisi customers are decidedly happy

Kisi NPS results

It's amazing to see that 92% of users are happy overall with Kisi, and a solid 68% gave us top scores. We're genuinely grateful for everyone who took the time to share their thoughts in our quick product satisfaction survey over the last months. We value all the feedback you've shared, and will keep listening to your suggestions to make improvements that go above and beyond.

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Customer spotlight: Saint Jude Catholic Church and School

Read the case study with St Jude Catholic Church and School

Saint Jude, a religious and educational organization, used a school security grant to deploy Kisi access control to enhance parish security while creating a welcoming environment. Read more about the ease of deployment, convenience, credential flexibility, automated door unlock schedules, and other advantages they get from Kisi.

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Let's play guess who!

Meet the faces of Kisi! In our 'Guess Who?' game, we're interviewing one of our team members, and it's your turn to guess who they are based on their answers. Click the link at the end of the interview to see if you've got it right. Have fun getting to know the Kisi team.

  1. Where are you right now?
    In the Kisi Stockholm office.
  2. Which software do you use most during the work day?
    Hard to tell, it’s a mix of Discord, Google Meet, and Mail apps. I chat a lot! :)
  3. Tell us your favorite Kisi feature.
    I love data, so our new reporting functionality hits the spot.
  4. Your favorite recipe?
    The iconic NY Times Plum torte is my often go-to for sweet cravings. A bit out of season, but you can replace plums with anything you like - it's flexible, easy to make and never disappoints.
  5. What's your favorite hobby?
    My hobbies change over time, but here is a sketch of a fennel I recently made :D
A Kisi employee's amazing fennel drawing!

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